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Food justice is climate justice

Support the Headwaters Community Food and Water Bill
Climate Majority Project

To protect our climate and to win on clean energy at the state level, Minnesota’s lawmakers need to feel the heat. CMP members are sending a strong message to their legislators:

It’s time to get serious about clean energy.

The Headwaters Campaign

The Headwaters Community Food and Water Bill will create the inclusive economy we need, to meet the demands of food, water, and climate. Now is the time to invest our public resources in a locally-adapted food economy designed for sustainable living, from source to table.

Car Plug In
Clean Cars MN

The No. 1 source of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in Minnesota is our transportation. Yet Minnesotans are being denied the opportunity to buy more efficient electric and hybrid cars available in other states. Why and what can we do about it?

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MN350 Action organizes Minnesotans to urge candidates and policy-makers to lead boldly as Climate Champions. Help us with this vital work. When you join as a monthly sustaining member, you’ll receive one of our cool limited edition T-shirts!

The Power Behind Climate Denial

In a new report from a coalition of 11 MN climate justice and environmental groups, we explore how the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce has twisted the support of its members to block any new clean-energy policies in the State.

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