Saint Paul 350

Climate action & justice in Minnesota’s capitol city

We are a grassroots group of residents dedicated to speeding the transition to clean energy, ending the fossil fuel pollution that is damaging Saint Paul communities and our climate, and creating a just and healthy future for all.

We work on climate action and justice in the city of St. Paul, focusing our efforts on energy: the transition to 100% clean renewable energy, prevention of new fossil fuel infrastructure, affordable energy rates, weatherization, and health impacts. Currently, we are also working on local elections and building relationships that can support climate action policy in the future. Help us elect climate champions!

What we’re working on:

  • St. Paul City Council Elections – The entire St. Paul City Council faces reelection this year and four of the seven seats will be open with no incumbent running. In addition, a subset of St. Paul School Board seats will be open or facing reelection. This is a perfect opportunity to identify and elect people who will fight for climate justice in our city.


  • Xcel Energy: We Want A Partner! – We are the 307,000 citizens of St. Paul. As one of Xcel Energy’s biggest customers — St. Paul pays more than $350 million a year for energy — our city is uniquely positioned to influence Xcel Energy’s plans. We must come together and demand clean, renewable energy for everyone.

Why it matters

Pollution from burning fossil fuels has created a global climate crisis and we’re feeling the effects right here in St. Paul:

  • Increasingly extreme weather events that threaten our homes and the infrastructure we depend on

  • Longer-lasting and more severe flooding

  • Health problems like asthma from bad air quality

  • Loss of tree cover from pests like emerald ash borer

But, just as the effects of the climate crisis are felt locally, the solutions can be local too, if we come together and take collective action.