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MN350’s new podcast, Nourish by MN350, features visionary leaders who are creating the regenerative, inclusive, local food economy we need to meet the challenge of climate change. We introduce you to real-world examples of the food system we’d like to create, discuss how their work is addressing the issues created by the industrial food system, and invite you to take action in support of our guests’ work and the work of MN350’s Food Systems Team.

Latest episodes

Featured Guests

Shona Snater

Soil Health Organizer, Land Stewardship Project

Bob Dahm

Owner, Organic Bob Lawncare

Transition Longfellow logo

Leslie McKenzie

Founder, Transition Longfellow

Dream of Wild Health logo

Jessika Greendeer

Farm Manager, Dream of Wild Health

buffalo star people healing circles logo

Francis Bettelyoun

Co-creator, Buffalo Star People Healing Circles

regenerative agriculture alliance logo

Reginaldo Haslet-Marroquin

President and CEO of Regenerative Agriculture Alliance


Rodrigo Cala

Owner, Cala Farm; Owner-member and Secretary of Shared Ground Farmers’ Cooperative.

Federation of Southern Cooperatives

Collie Graddick

Federation of Southern Cooperatives

Somali American Farmers Association

Naima Dhore

Founder, Somali American Farmers Association

project sweetie pie logo

Michael Chaney

Founder, Project Sweetie Pie

DeVon Nolan

Operations Team, Northside Fresh

sierra leone foundation for a new democracy logo

Hindolo Pokawa

Founder, Sierra Leone Foundation for a New Democracy

Marita Bujold

Founder, Just Food and Water Initiative

Sam Grant

Executive Director, MN350

LaChelle Cunningham

Founder, Health Roots Institute

Erin Rupp

Founder, Pollinate Minnesota

Josh Resnik

CEO, Twin Cities Co-op Partners

Jack Hedin

Founder, Featherstone Farm

Danielle Piraino

Produce Programs Coordinator, The Food Group

Patrick Smith

Former collective member, Sisters Camelot

Lori Stern

Executive Director, Midwest Organic Sustainable Educations Service (MOSES)

Stefan Meyers

General Project Coordinator, Finland Food Chain

Dean Engelmann

Co-Owner, Wise Acre Eatery

Arie Peisert

Owner, Northern Fires Pizza,

Robert Blake

Founder, Solar Bear and Native Sun

David Manuel

Co-Director, Red Lake Nation Organic Foods Initiative

Jack McCann

Founder, TC Farn

Elizabeth O'Sullivan

Co-Owner, Auntie Annie's Fields

Matt Maier

Cheif Renegade, Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed

Laura Schrieber

Local Foods Policy Organizer, Land Stewardship Project

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Our theme music is Mensajero by Ecuador Manta.  Based in St. Paul and started in 1972, Ecuador Manta is an Andean and Latino fusion group originating from a small village called Atahualpa in Ecuador, South America.  Members include Alfonso Burga, Enrique Burga, and Juan Ruiz.  Mensajero is a song that translates into English as “The Messenger”.  It is a song about the connection and harmony of the natural world and law.  The Messenger delivers a message of peace and unity for the world: we must honor and respect our natural world so we can restore joy, strength, and balance for humanity and the importance of the cooperative nature of all living things.


This podcast is produced entirely by a team of dedicated volunteers. If you’d like to be one of them, or would like to learn how to get involved in the work of MN350’s Food Systems team, contact Sarah Riedl (