Food Systems

Local, regenerative and equitable food for our future

Our food system is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Industrial farming practices degrade the environment and exploit their workforce. While Big Ag profits, the people and the environment pay.

We are fighting for a better food system – one that values people and the planet over profits.

Why it matters

In Minnesota, our industrial food system is responsible for nearly one-third of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions in the state – about the same amount as the energy sector. To make matters worse, much of Minnesota’s industrial food system is paid for or subsidized by tax dollars. It is an extractive economy that is built for profit, rather than conservation and nourishment.

This means that our food system represents a huge opportunity for energy and carbon reduction, improved health, and equity. We need leaders and legislation that prioritize our vision of a just transition to a food system that is local, regenerative, equitable toward all who depend on it, and mindful of its impact on future generations.


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