Pipeline Resistance

Every Minnesotan deserves a just and carbon-free future. But fossil fuel companies like Enbridge use northern Minnesota as a conduit to move some of the world’s dirtiest oil from the extraction zone in Alberta to regional and global refineries. These pipelines violate treaty rights and Indigenous sovereignty, and the low-cost shipping that they provide allows the industry to thrive while standing in the way of cheaper and cleaner energy sources.


What We Do

We work to change the rules that govern how fossil fuel infrastructure is approved in this state, and to hold state agencies accountable for their poor decisions. To truly combat climate change we must stop burning fossil fuels. Oil that has not yet been burned must stay in the ground. Over and over, we have witnessed our government ignore its treaty obligations and operate in ways that only benefit big corporations. We are working for a world where treaties are respected, local communities’ needs are met, and our energy comes from clean and renewable sources.


We are asking our legislators to:

  • Make sure that energy projects built in Minnesota are actually needed by people who live here, not just wanted by big oil companies to boost their profit margins. Make it clear that a consumer demand forecast is required for any project (like an oil pipeline) at our Public Utilities Commission. Current law allows applicants for a Certificate of Need at the PUC to sidestep the interests of Minnesota and regional consumers by justifying a project based on an industry forecast, such as oil shippers’ desire to ship crude oil to refineries, regardless of whether end-product users – us! – will need it in the coming years.
  • Pass Cumulative Impacts legislation so that more polluting projects are not built in communities already burdened by environmental injustice


We need you!

To learn about our work, contact Noelle Cirisan.