Policy Action Team

Working with leaders at every level to make climate change a priority

Let’s be honest: policy and the legislative process can feel dry, opaque, and overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be! Join the Policy Action Team to learn how easy and (dare we say it?) fun working with your elected officials can be.

We all know that passing laws with climate justice at the core will be key to ensuring a just transition to homegrown, clean energy. That is why we are working to build real relationships with our elected officials, endorse candidates who will be champions for the climate, keep our neighbors informed about what’s happening in St. Paul, and support everyday people (like you!) in lobbying their legislators to do the right thing for the climate and the community.


What we do

We monitor bills, attend legislative hearings, create materials to educate legislators, network with fellow environmental groups to build collective momentum, and activate rapid response teams to show up at the Capitol at key moments. During the election season, we screen and endorse candidates who will be champions for climate justice.

We are asking our state legislators to build an equitable Minnesota with us by enacting a bold, expansive climate justice agenda that:

  • Protects all Minnesotans and supports our treaties;
  • Supports the Minnesota Climate Action Plan;
  • Supports transit justice;
  • Provides a just transition to a clean economy;
  • Supports 100% locally-produced clean energy and reforms our utilities to serve our state’s
  • clean energy goals;
  • Supports government accountability;
  • Supports the People’s Climate and Equity Plan;
  • Eliminates Minnesota’s greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector by 2040;
  • Creates local, equitable, regenerative food systems throughout Minnesota.

Explore more about these legislative priorities.

Check out the climate justice wins our members helped get passed in 2023!


Why it matters

The climate policies made by Minnesota legislators have far-reaching consequences on the health of our communities and the planet. It is vital that Minnesotans speak out and work with lawmakers to protect our climate and support a just transition to a clean energy economy. We need our elected leaders to respond to our calls for a livable future. Getting them there starts with you.

What is the Policy Action Team all about?

How to get involved

Together, we can develop a critical mass of state representatives who will champion clean energy – or who know better than to stand in the way. Sign up to be part of the Policy Action Team by filling out the form below.

Additionally, you can get more involved by attending the regular Policy Action Team meetings featured on our event page or by signing up for our Climate Majority Project and encouraging local politicians across Minnesota to vote for smart climate change solutions.