100% Clean Energy Bill

Putting Minnesota on a path to 100% clean energy

MN350 Action supports the 100% Bill, which requires all Minnesota electricity to be generated from 55% renewable energy by 2035 and to be carbon free by 2040. Just as important, it sets a high bar for climate action for other states to follow. Legislators read the bill last month in the House, then referred to the House Climate and Energy Finance and Policy Committee, which met and heard testimony.

We made history in 2019 when the House voted for the first time to pass 100% legislation, but the final omnibus bill was blocked by the Senate. Rep. Jamie Long of Minneapolis has introduced the measure again this session, with an electric utility renewable energy standard that includes a carbon-free energy requirement of 65% by 2025, increasing steadily to 100% by 2040. MN350 Action is partnering with the 100% Campaign to monitor and promote the measure as it moves through the Legislature.