Todd Lippert for House District 20B

Todd Lippert is a Northfield resident and pastor of the First United Church of Christ, running for his second term in the Minnesota State House. As a representative, his goal is to make government work for everyone; his Common Good campaign seeks to affirm the dignity and value of every person in our state. Lippert is active in faith-based community organizing through ISAIAH MN and is a strong advocate for the immigrant community, climate change, safe schools and health and mental health care challenges.

Todd Lippert on electrification and reforming the transportation system:

“This last session I sponsored a bill that would have funded electric vehicle infrastructure across the state of Minnesota, and I will continue to support bills like these.This bill included an emphasis on providing EV infrastructure for Greater Minnesota communities. As a Greater Minnesota legislator, I want to ensure that the entire state is included in the transition to renewables, especially low income households. White, brown, black, indigenous, we all need to be included in this transition.”

“Transitioning to electric transit and school buses as quickly as possible is one way to start, and seriously funding public transit is another. Electric buses will eliminate a major source of diesel emissions and fuel use in communities with the worst air quality. Providing more opportunities for efficient transportation will also encourage people to choose public transportation instead of their cars. These are steps we can build on as we look to phase out gasoline use.”

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