Sarah Kruger for MN Senate District 28

Sarah Kruger, candidate for Senate District 28, grew up in Winona. She attended Smith College, graduating summa cum laude, before attending Pomeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain where she completed a Master of Research in Political Science. Krueger also took on the role of small business owner when she started a marketing and public relations consulting business in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


Krueger is committed to the future of Southeast Minnesota. Crucial to the area’s success are Minnesota’s rural economies and Krueger believes that the state legislature needs to prioritize supporting healthy rural economies, as they are crucially important to Minnesota’s prosperity.


Her priorities include assuring everyone has access to affordable health care and lowering the cost of prescription drugs; protecting our environment through investment in renewable energy; adequately funding public education for student success;ensuring that farmers are provided with the resources they need to profitably produce food; and investing in greater expansion of broadband across our rural communities.

Sarah Krueger on Minnesota’s 100% clean energy legislation:


“Yes, I will support this legislation. Studies have shown that we need to cut our energy-related carbon dioxide emissions in half by 2030, halve them again by 2040, and reach net-zero emission levels by 2050 in order to prevent the worst effects of climate change. To achieve this, our state must promote and fund industrial energy diversification into low-carbon technologies such as wind, solar, and geothermal. Renewable energy is the least expensive source of new power generation. Clean energy yields an economic return three to eight times higher than the initial investment when taking into consideration avoided health and social costs from reduced air pollution. This investment also greatly contributes to mitigating the financial risks of climate change associated with events such as catastrophic flooding, which is a serious concern for communities in Southeast Minnesota. Investing in a green economy helps our overall economy grow in Minnesota because the number of jobs created in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors directly leads to local employment opportunities for skilled labor, management, engineering, marketing, sales, and entrepreneurship.”


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