Sara Flick for Senate District 25

Sara Flick has more than a decade of experience in economic development and public advocacy. A first generation college graduate, she earned dual bachelor’s degrees in history and political science, and went on to earn a master’s from Arizona State University in communications studies with an emphasis on healthcare outcomes.


Sara supports people-centered economic growth, paid family and medical leave, and fully-funded public education. She has been a longtime advocate for health care access for farmers and working families, and will continue to focus on job training, education, economic opportunities and healthcare access for all.


Sara Flick on public transportation:
“I believe that public transportation not only reduces carbon emissions but also is critical to upward economic mobility. I would support funding such infrastructure, as I see it a vital part of our future as a state. I am committed to always thinking about those most at risk in our society with any piece of legislation–whether that be low-income households, persons of color, or those with disabilities”