MN350 ACTION Elections Organizing Path

MN350 Action is joining coalition partners in the 100% Campaign to organize thousands of voters from across the state for the upcoming 2020 elections so that we can pass the bold, visionary climate justice policies we need in 2021.

In 2019, a majority of the Minnesota Senate voted on record that they didn’t think climate change was human caused. This rampant climate denialism resulted in blocking all climate justice legislation.

We have big, transformative goals at MN350 Action. We want to pass the Green New Deal, stop Line 3, fully fund public transit and pass resilient sustainable food legislation. We can’t do these things with a legislature that doesn’t acknowledge the reality of human caused climate change. We need to elect legislators that will fight for climate justice. That’s why we’re training hundreds of people in how to have conversations with their community about voting and what’s at stake. We will be using the Empower app, which helps you track conversations with your network around voting and climate justice.

This year, elections are more important than ever for our work. Join us at an upcoming training about how to plug in to this important work!

MN350 Action Summer Trainings and Fall Elections Launch

Summer Trainings – click below to register – and invite a friend to register as well!

Climate Majority Project Trainings in particular districts  (target dates not yet confirmed)

6 – 8pm Wednesday July 8th – SD 56

12 – 2pm Wednesday July 22 – SD 39

6 – 8pm Wednesday July 22 – SD 47

SD 14 – TBD

SD 5 – TBD