2021 Minneapolis Candidate Endorsements


MN350 Action is endorsing climate champions that will take the bold action on climate and racial justice our communities need and deserve. We need leaders who will fight for solutions that meet the scale and urgency of the challenges we face. That’s why we’re rallying behind candidates who will make addressing the climate crisis a priority and will work to build an abundant future where all Minnesotans can thrive. We hope you will too. Together we can build a stronger Minneapolis, one that provides for everyone now and guarantees a safe and healthy future.


Mayoral Endorsements

The major climate initiatives that have moved over the past four years have come from within the city council with little support from the Mayor. As the urgent need for climate and racial justice becomes more apparent each day, we need a leader who will fight for change. In Minneapolis’ ranked choice elections, we can support our favorite climate champion candidates, name our second choices, and leave off the ballot candidates that don’t stand with us.
Kate Knuth
Kate Knuth is a proven public leader ready to work with us for bold climate action and racial justice. With her experience as a three-term state legislator and the city’s first Chief Resilience Officer, Kate brings expertise in both creating strong climate policy and building the relationships needed to put ideas into action. Kate is committed to reimagining our public safety systems that are failing Minneapolis, particularly communities of color, with a new department of public safety through the city’s charter amendment. Learn more about Kate and support her campaign by visiting her website.
Sheila Nezhad
  Sheila Nezhad is a committed, prolific organizer whose work with Reclaim the Block and the People’s Budget has been at the heart of the most pressing issues of our current moment. Sheila brings a deeply people-centered approach and strong policy expertise to support the transformative changes in policing, environmental justice, and fair housing that Minneapolis needs. Sheila’s mission is to ensure that our streets are safe, our environment isn’t threatened, and everyone regardless of zip code, orientation or the color of our skin can live lives of respect and dignity. We are proud to endorse her and Kate. Learn more about Sheila and support her campaign by visiting her website

City Council Endorsements

Ward 1
Elliott Payne
Photo of Elliott Payne
Elliott Payne pledges to “strongly support a Minneapolis Green New Deal together with MN350 and other community climate action allies.” Payne told MN350 Action that he “… will champion affordable multi-family housing, reimagined public safety, walkable neighborhoods, improved public transit, renewable energy, circular economic approaches, and a citywide cultural shift to climate in all policies.” He also says “we need to electrify our city’s vehicle fleet, build charging stations on city properties.” Learn more about Elliott and support his campaign by visiting his website.
Ward 2
Cam Gordon
photo of Cam Gordon
Cam Gordon has represented Ward 2 since 2006 and is the Council’s sole Green Party member. Gordon told MN350 Action that he will “continue to lead the fight on the Council to dramatically scale up our response to the climate crisis through a Minneapolis Green New Deal, and to focus our resources on communities that have borne the brunt of past environmental injustice, and are facing the brunt of the climate crisis today.” Gordon co authored the Council’s resolution on committing to 100% renewable energy. Learn more about Cam and support his campaign by visiting his website
Ward 3
Steve Fletcher
Photo of Steve Fletcher
First elected in 2017, Steve Fletcher is “ready to keep working towards a Minneapolis that makes good on our promises of racial and economic equity.” He told MN350 Action that he has “supported programs to support the installation of new solar, including our successful green cost share program.” He is also “especially interested in policies that would allow renters to finally participate in and reap the benefits of energy efficiency programs.” Learn more about Steve and support his campaign by visiting his website.
Ward 4
Phillipe Cunningham
Photo of Phillipe Cunningham
During his first term, Cunningham has already proven himself to be a fierce advocate for environmental justice by creating an action plan to end all new cases of childhood lead poisoning; keeping climate and environmental justice front and center in the Upper Harbor Terminal redevelopment project planning process; and working to expand public transportation access in Ward 4. With a second term focusing on bringing green jobs/training to Northsiders and his continued guidance on the Upper Harbor Terminal project, we know that Cunningham will continue to be a powerful voice for his constituents. Learn more about Phillipe and support his campaign by visiting his website
Ward 5
Jeremiah Ellison (Rank 1)
photo of Jeremiah Ellison
Jeremiah Ellison is seeking re-election to continue building his vision for Ward 5; providing affordable housing, opportunities for local and POC-led businesses, green-job training, and environmental justice for Northside residents. Ellison has continuously fought proposals that place an unfair environmental burden on his neighborhood and worked to remove polluters while supporting the clean energy infrastructure Minneapolis needs. Learn more about Jeremiah and support his campaign by visiting his website 
Ward 5
Kristel Porter (Rank 2)
photo of Kristel Porter
Kristel Porter has worked hard to transition Minneapolis to a 100% clean energy economy, spearheading projects that dramatically increased wind and solar energy participation in North Minneapolis. If elected she will support bringing green job training to North Minneapolis, ensuring Black and Indigenous communities have access to this growing sector of living-wage careers. Learn more about Kristel and support her campaign by visiting her website
Ward 9
Jason Chavez
Photo of Jason Chavez
Chavez’s vision for Minneapolis is truly inspiring, including a net-zero municipal footprint by 2024, 100% renewable electricity by 2030, and city-wide net carbon neutrality by 2040, as well as a fare-free, green public transportation system. He is a fierce advocate for Ward 9 and supports the community-led East Phillips Indoor Urban Farm Project, investments in green job training and certification for Ward 9 workers, and full funding for the Housing First Initiative. We look forward to Chavez bringing his energy and experience to the Minneapolis City Council. Learn more about Jason and support his campaign by visiting his website
Ward 11
Jeremy Schroeder
Photo of Jeremy Schroeder
Jeremy Schroeder understands that climate justice is racial justice. He told MN350: “I am committed to embedding racial equity into all policymaking, something I have done throughout my first term – especially on climate policy.” Among his many climate-centered accomplishments, Schroeder led efforts to implement a Sustainable Building Policy  that ensures all projects that receive City assistance meet high sustainability standards, he co-authored a resolution calling on the State to divest from fossil fuels, and he worked with Council member Cam Gordon in the City budgeting process to invest an additional $350,000 in climate initiatives in 2020. Learn more about Jeremy and support his campaign by visiting his website.
Ward 12
Andrew Johnson
photo of Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson supports a green vision that reduces pollution, creates local food production, launches BIPOC entrepreneurs through an incubator space, expands solar energy, creates affordable housing, and builds community equity. In addition, he is authoring a resolution to move 100% of our city fleet to Electric Vehicles. Johnson is a strong voice for the bold changes we need to face climate change head-on. Learn more about Andrew and support his campaign by visiting his website