Michelle Lee for Senate District 11

Michelle Lee is a former broadcast journalist in Duluth and an inductee of the Minnesota Broadcasters Hall of Fame as well as a recipient of The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Silver Circle Award. In 2017 Lee left her career as a television reporter and news anchor to focus on political activism.

The long-time Moose Lake resident is running for office to ensure the opportunities of future generations choosing to live and raise their families in Minnesota’s rural communities. Key to her vision for rural Minnesotans are strong unions and extended broadband and high-speed internet for rural areas and hometowns. Lee supports scientific, logical transitioning away from fossil fuels to renewable energies technologies—like the wind turbine installation that helps power Minntac on the Iron Range and programs designed to mentor and assist the next generation seeking to own and operate small and mid-sized farms.

Michelle Lee on transportation:

“We must work to promote a transportation system that relies less on fossil fuels…I am seeking to represent a rural district where we must up our game in promoting car pooling and greater access to reliable public transport. Many people here commute significant distances for their jobs. Given the average income here replacing older, less efficient cars and trucks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions may be difficult and cost prohibitive. The lack of broadband in our rural communities also makes it more difficult for workers to park their cars and telecommute. Expansion of broadband services and tax incentives to purchase more fuel efficient vehicles would be possible solutions.

The expansion of rail service is also critical. I support the Northern Lights Express project that would link Duluth with the Twin Cities while reducing traffic on the freeway.”

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