Liz Boldon for MN House District 25B

Liz Boldon is a nurse educator with a Master’s of Science of Nursing degree with a focus in Education. She is also a community organizer who started an effort to erase school lunch debt in Rochester and has also worked with ISAIAH, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense, and the YMCA.



Drawing on her experience as a nurse, Boden pledges to address the healthcare needs of Minesotans and will work to make MinnesotaCare available to all. She also supports an education system that is fully funded and achieves education equity. Bolden’s vision of a safe and inclusive community includes addressing gun violence, climate change and racism.



Liz Boldon on reforming our transportation system:

“The gas tax needs to be raised and pegged to the rate of inflation (at a minimum). We need to expand light rail from Minneapolis to Rochester. We need to invest in the infrastructure that will allow electric vehicles to be widely utilized. For example a network of charging stations from Rochester to Duluth. Depending on where the communities currently underserved by public transit are, the light rail expansion may be able to better serve them. Additionally, communities with the worst air quality need to be accurately identified and a plan developed to enhance their access to and use of public transit. I do not believe that there are enough air quality monitoring stations in the State, and we may need to rethink how the data on air quality is collected and evaluated to better develop solutions to this complex problem. For example, is it feasible to have air quality monitors on our vehicles? Could we have air quality monitors in and on our homes? What about air quality monitors on our cell phones? What about air quality monitors on the light rail cars and other mass transit vehicles? I don’t believe we have the best air quality data and we have to address indoor as well as outdoor air quality. Air quality matters more in the age of Covid and the Climate Crisis.”



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