Lindsey Port for Senate District 56

Lindsey Port is a long time resident of Burnsville and a previous candidate for the Minnesota House. In 2018 she received the MN Women’s March Political Courage Award, for speaking up about her experience with sexual harassment in state politics. She is the director of the nonprofit Blueprint Campaigns, a group which supports emerging leaders from traditionally underrepresented communities in Minnesota and beyond. Port is a long-time resident of Burnsville.


Lindsey Port on climate change and a just transition to 100% clean energy:

“Climate change is the most critical issue facing humanity, and we must act decisively and quickly to protect our planet.

“Low-income people use public transit at a disproportionate rate to the rest of the population. I believe public transit should be free for all who ride it. I also believe that we should have an equitable focus on climate change solutions, and should prioritize programs like community solar gardens in areas that have previously borne the burden of pollution in our state.”


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