Kris Fredrick for MN House District 38A

Kris Fredrick spent 21 years working for Honeywell, rising to the position of general counsel for its research group. He also lived in Stockholm, Sweden, and practiced international law while at KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology.


Kris left his legal career several years ago to focus on giving back to the community. He currently works at Mounds View Highview Middle School as a technology specialist. He also provides pro bono legal services for the Advocates for Human Rights, representing low-income immigrants who have been abused or fear for their lives.


Fredrick wants to bring his ability to advocate for others to District 38A. His platform includes promoting a  living wage and eliminating wage disparities for women and people of color; protecting Minnesota’s natural resources from contaminants and fighting for meaningful improvement in water quality; and encouraging the continued growth of clean energy jobs.


Kris Fredrick on the transition to electrification:

“I have been an electric vehicle owner since 2012. In the past few years, I have begun to transition to living car-light and relying primarily on my bicycle for transportation, including commuting to work.

“First, I would strongly support a sales tax to promote non-vehicle transit options, including protected bike lanes.

“To address the shift toward electrification, I would focus and propose policies on:

  1. Higher performance standards, such as higher mpg, and stricter building codes;
  2. A significant, steady-rising long-term carbon tax;
  3. Promotion of renewable energy production; and
  4. Encouraging innovation within businesses to improve technological advances.

“To support low-income families and under-resourced communities, I would support the generation of community solar gardens and legislation that prohibits communities from banning wind turbines (such as what happened in St. Peter, MN). I would also support urban design that creates walkable cities, coupled with electrification of mass transit options.”


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