Kelly Moller for House District 42A

Twenty-year shoreview resident Kelly Moller is an assistant Hennepin County attorney and victim rights advocate running for her second term as representative for District 42A. During her short time in office, Moller has authored or co-authored over 100 bills. Notably, her bill to make workplaces safer from sexual harassment passed the House with overwhelming bipartisan support. She has also led the fight on sexual assault issues and gun violence prevention.


Kelly Moller on electrification and a just transition to 100% clean energy:

“In 2019 I supported bills including those that: expanded community solar gardens, which included a low-income grant program; funded solar for schools; expanded funding for electric buses; and increased the number of public charging stations. I will continue to support these and similar proposals.”


“In general, I believe the legislation we pass needs to better take into account impacts on communities of color, and I would support efforts that examine legislation through an equity lens. Increasing mass transit opportunities, without increasing rider cost (and potentially reducing cost), has a positive impact on the environment while also assuring that low-income households can access jobs and services needed.”


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