Kaela Berg for MN House District 56B

Kaela Berg has been a union flight attendant for 16 years, a labor activist for over a decade, a nonprofit director for the MInnesota Fair Trade Coalition and an independent consultant, counting the Sierra Club among her clients. Like many Minnesotans, she has experienced working multiple jobs at once – mostly part-time and often without health care – and it has instilled in her a strong belief in the power of unions. She has served as a union steward and president of her local.



In addition to her commitment to labor, Berg will fight for climate solutions by advocating for clean, locally-produced energy, affordable health care for all that is not dependent on employment, women’s reproductive rights, and fully funded schools.



Kaela Berg on her support for 100% clean energy legislation:

“I have been fortunate enough to have done some work with the BlueGreen Alliance and the Sierra Club and my role at both organizations was basically to advance good union jobs in the clean energy economy. Through this work, I’ve worked with organizations like MNIPL on community solar initiatives and prioritizing racial and economic justice within that work. What I find so exciting is the tremendous opportunity to create good union jobs for workers (Black, brown, Indigenous, re-entry citizens) that traditionally haven’t had those opportunities, and move towards 100% clean energy at the same time and begin to disprove the narrative around jobs vs. the environment.”



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