Jess Hanson for MN House District 56A

Jess Hanson, a Burnsville resident, received her bachelor’s degree in social work from St. Catherine’s University and will soon graduate with a master’s degree in Advocacy and Political Leadership from Metro State University.


Hanson’s stated priorities include accessible health care, including mental health services, greater support for teachers and fully funded education for all students. She will strive to create a strong business economy offering living wages,  fair benefits, and  protecting the right to unionize.


Jess Hanson on Agriculture in Minnesota:

“I support moving away from large scale corporate agriculture in Minnesota; focusing on developing and creating incentives for communities to develop sustainable, local food sources that are grown ethically by fellow community members. I support continued phase outs of harmful pesticides and fertilizers that seep into water tables, while encouraging greater proportions of crops to be hemp or other carbon sequestering, non-soil depleting plants.”


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