Jamie Becker-Finn for MN House District 42B

Rep. Jamie Becker-Finn, a graduate of the University of Minnesota and JD William Mitchell College of Law, is running for a second term in district 42B.


Jamie serves as the Vice Chair of the Environment & Natural Resource Policy Committee and is a strong climate champion, dedicated to moving Minnesota toward a more sustainable future.


She continues to promote transitioning to renewable energy, forest and prairie preservation and bringing more renewable energy jobs to Minnesota.


Jamie also enjoys strong union support, via her work toward increasing the minimum wage, supporting family leave legislation and protecting workers’ rights to unionize. Jamie is the co-author of the Secure Choice Retirement Plan, making it easier for all workers to save for retirement.


Jamie Becker-Finn on Line 3 Tar Sands Pipeline:

“The current process does not properly respect the legal status of sovereign indigenous nations. There is a huge lack of understanding of treaty rights and we need to better incorporate this legal imperative in the process.”


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