Heather Keeler for MN House District 4A - Moorhead area

Heather Keeler is a Moorehead resident and has been an advocate and an activist in the tri-state region for two decades. Keeler is assistant director for multicultural recruitment at North Dakota State University in Fargo. She also is vice chair of the Moorhead Human Rights Commission and serves on the Fargo Native American Commission.


Keeler recently spearheaded the movement for Moorhead to officially recognize and celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day on the second Monday of each October.


Keeler’s campaign platform includes investing in educational equity, providing quality health care for all, expanding affordable housing, closing the pay gap, and increasing broadband access.


Heather Keeler on electrification:

“With the understanding that the electric appliances are often more efficient than any gas-powered appliance, I would support legislation that allows for state programs to offer the free recycling of old gas appliances, supporting the Cash for Clunkers program in MN or others like it, and support state loan programs for facilities to get fitted with solar panels or other forms of renewable energy on their property to aid in this transition. I support the use of nuclear energy to augment the growth in demand of our power grids as nuclear is the cleanest form of energy we are currently able to use and does not rely on a gas-powered power plant to meet the changes in energy availability.


“Electrification of our vehicles is a massive movement. I would like to expand the idea of our first Greater MN effort to be focused on electrification of our school and city buses. For our communities these are the vehicles that are used the most and travel the furthest distance on a daily basis.”


Visit the campaign website to support Heather Keeler.