Let’s put our money where our mouths are

MN350 is committed to creating a regenerative, locally-adapted food system that delivers health and well-being to all members of every community, and provides an economic legacy capable of serving future generations. Right now, our public dollars are funding an industrial food economy that is unsustainable, both by design and in practice. Every link in this extractive economy contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, ecosystem destruction, and dependency.

That’s why we’re building a movement behind the Headwaters Community Food and Water Bill (HF1332/SF1580), which will create the inclusive economy we need to meet the demands of food, water, and climate. Now is the time to invest our public resources in a locally-adapted, source-to-table food economy designed for sustainable living.

We are at a crossroads. The climate crisis is our opportunity to set a course for success. With a food economy designed to depend on healthy ecosystems, communities and farmers alike will thrive.

Together, we can create a food economy that connects urban and rural communities through a common purpose: neighbors caring for one another, and for the home we share.

You can become a champion for this vision today by taking one of the actions below.


1. Sign the Pledge2. Contact Your Reps3. Write a Letter


Thank you for joining the movement!