Tell your reps: Let's put our money where our mouth is

MN350 is building a movement

around the Headwaters Community Food and Water Bill (HF1332/SF1580), which will establish the funding and infrastructure we need for an inclusive economy that can meet the demands of food, water, and climate well into the future.

Call on your representatives to support the Headwaters Community Food and Water Bill. Tell them: Now is the time to invest our public resources in a regenerative, locally-adapted food system that delivers health and well-being to all members of every community, and provides an economic legacy capable of serving future generations.

Right now...

we are dependent on an industrial food economy that is unsustainable, both by design and in practice. Every link in this publicly-funded extractive economy contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, ecosystem destruction, and dependency. This is an economic problem, and it needs an economic solution.

The Headwaters Community Food and Water Bill invests public money into the public good. Tell your reps to stop putting our money into a food system designed to produce a profit, and start putting it into a food system designed to nourish ourselves, our communities, and our planet.

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Environmental champions

are already working hard to pass the Headwaters Community Food & Water Bill (HF1332/SF1580). Is your representative one of them? Make sure they’re on the list below, or thank them for their support.