MN wants leaders who’ll protect our climate, not fossil fuel interests

What is the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge?

Minnesotans are deeply concerned about protecting our climate for future generations. We need candidates who’ll take bold action, not candidates who’ll help the fossil fuel industry retain its power and protect its profits. The climate crisis is real, and Minnesotans can work together to do something about it. The pledge, launched in 2018, is a national campaign urging candidates at federal, state and local levels to make stopping the climate crisis a priority issue in their campaigns.

More than 3,000 candidates already have signed the pledge nationwide. Our 2020 goal for Minnesota: 86 signers

(That’s the same number of MN legislators who in 2019 voted to deny that climate change is even happening.)

Lindsey Port

Minnesota state Senate, District 56
Dan Kessler

Dan Kessler

Minnesota state House, District 47B

Hodan Hassan

Minnesota state House, District 62A
Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar

U.S. House from Minnesota’s 5th District

Erin Murphy

Minnesota state Senate, District 64

Ending the big influence of Big Oil

Fossil fuel money is corrupting our political system and blocking bold action on climate change. Fossil fuel companies spent more than $260 million in campaign contributions and lobbying Congress in the 2016 cycle. We need leaders who say NO to the fossil fuel industry and its money, and taking the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge is a core part of that commitment. As of March 2020, signers include every major 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidate (current and former), over 50 sitting members of Congress (10+ U.S. Senators; 40+ U.S. Representatives), and more than 250 state elected officials.

No Fossil Fuel Money Logo

Say no to climate deniers

More than 70 percent of Minnesotans believe global warming will harm future generations. A majority of Minnesotans also want local government to do more to fight global warming. And yet 36 MN senators and 50 House members voted in 2019 to deny that the climate crisis is even happening.  (The image shows how senators voted.) In 2020, we need candidates who’ll take bold action, not candidates who’ll help the fossil fuel industry protect its profits.