Erin Murphy for Senate District 64

Erin Murphy, a St. Paul resident, is a former nurse and executive director of the Minnesota Nurses Association. She has 12 years experience in the MN House of Representatives where she served as House majority leader. She is the founder of “Our Stories. Our Health,” a progressive advocacy group dedicated to collecting stories from Minnesotans to promote “long-lasting, systemic change in the way we fund and receive our health care.”


Erin Murphy on fossil fuel infrastructure in MN:

“I hope we never build another pipeline. I oppose the pipeline and agree with the Dept. of Commerce analysis that it is not needed. We need to do two things going forward: First we need to make it harder for an unneeded project that ties us further into an extractive economy to be approved in the first place. Second, we need to make the investments in electric vehicles necessary to make it impossible for anyone to ever argue that we need another pipeline, and to shift the economic argument away from fossil fuels. That’s part of how we’ve made so much progress on getting rid of coal, and we need to repeat it here.”


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