De'Vonna Pittman for Hennepin County Commission, District 1

De’Vonna Pittman is a long-time Hennepin County employee, with nearly two decades experience in public service. Currently employed by Hennepin County as a disparity reduction coordinator, she is also a small business owner, author, community activist, and literacy advocate. She co-founded the Minnesota Black Authors Expo and currently serves on the American Civil Liberties Union Smart Justice Committee. In addition, she has been recognized as a Josie R. Johnson Leadership Fellow.


Pittman’s top priorities include: affordable housing, workforce development, clean transportation and reduction of disparities and inequities. Her workforce development plans would focus on well-paying green jobs in solar power and other sectors, and she supports affordable housing models like contract-for-deed programs and community land trusts.


De’Vona Pittman on clean transportation:

“I support legislation that creates funding to encourage adding rapid solar recharging stations and other renewable energy projects to Minnesota’s electrical infrastructure. One size won’t fit all; it will require multiple strategies to continue the reduction of Minnesota’s greenhouse gas emissions. Paramount will be identifying what winning looks like by creating metrics for greenhouse gas reduction goals to road projects. I believe we should incentivize the transportation industry to retire the aging, gas guzzling fleet and replace them with more environmentally friendly electric vehicles. This can be accomplished through user fees, licensing fees and a carbon tax.”