David Scott Dibble for Senate District 61

Scott Dibble is running for re-election to SD 61. He currently represents SD 61, which includes parts of South, Southwest, and downtown Minneapolis. Dibble was first elected to the Senate in November 2002. Prior to the senate, he served one term in the Minnesota House of Representatives, becoming the third openly gay legislator to serve in the Minnesota Legislature. As a state senator Dibble has been influential on matters of human rights, transportation and transit, energy efficiency, the environment, housing and economic development.

On reforming Minnesota’s transportation system:

“Transportation now creates more green house gases in Minnesota than electricity generation. I’m proud of my role as past chair of the Transportation Committee in delivering bills that provide the highest ever levels of funding for transit, biking and walking, and connecting those investments to climate, land use and equity – ensuring that we serve those who most need mobility and access to destinations. I will continue to push for this. I supported an initiative to first deploy electric buses in the communities most impacted by transportation pollution. Additionally the Minnesota Green New Deal would require that we eliminate fossil fuels from our transportation system and focus economic opportunity and benefits to those who have been traditionally left out.”

Visit the campaign website to support Scott Dibble: https://www.scottdibble.com