Dan Kessler for House District 47B

Dan Kessler is a 15-year Chaska resident and a practicing psychologist. He has a demonstrated commitment to public service, having served on the boards of Habitat for Humanity and the United way as well as volunteering at running therapy groups for a local women’s shelter. His work in the medical field and his experience as a cancer survivor has made accessible, affordable healthcare one of his top priorities. Kessler is running to bring a solutions-focused perspective to the state capitol and to give voice to ALL the residents of Chaska, Chanhassen and Victoria.

Dan Kessler on a just transition to 100% clean energy and reforming our state’s transportation system:

“Many lower income homes lack effective weatherization, low energy usage appliances and lighting. I would support legislation that provides funding to meet these concerns. I would also support legislation that both expands public transportation options and increases the proportion of public transportation vehicles that utilize less or non-polluting technologies, such as hybrid or fully electric buses.”

“We need to reduce cost and other barriers to the adoption of solar electricity and electric vehicles. While there will eventually be a need for EV owners to contribute to roads in a similar manner to ICE vehicle owners, at this time we should be enacting legislation to increase adoption of EVs. Specifically, I would support a rollback of the EV surcharge and enact incentives to increase adoption. I would support legislation that incentivizes use of public transportation and emerging technologies.”

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