The Climate Majority Project

We Are the Climate Majority


It’s a fact: Most Minnesotans want to prevent damage to the climate and protect our families’ and children’s health.

One of the most effective ways to do this is through political action —  influencing elected officials who listen to and care about our concerns for our land, water, air, and climate.

This is why we created the Climate Majority Project.

The Easiest Way to Take Climate Action

When you become a member of the Climate Majority Project, you’ll receive emails twice a month highlighting opportunities to take action to shape legislative policy. Together, we will make Minnesotans’ climate concerns impossible to ignore and influence our leaders to create rules to do the right thing for families, our children, and future generations.

The most recent IPCC report issued a dire warning: if our governments and corporations continue on the path we’re on, the earth will hit a critical warming threshold that we can’t come back from by the early 2030’s. The 2024 election will be critical for the climate. We must work together now and in the time leading up to the election to ensure our representatives continue on the path towards decarbonization and equitable clean energy, prioritize the health and safety of our communities, and seek justice for those most impacted by the damage to our climate.


Your voice will make a difference.

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