The Climate Majority Project

The majority of Minnesotans care deeply about protecting our community from the effects of climate change and preserving our planet for future generations. One of most effective ways to do this is through political action done by elected officials who listen and care about our concerns for our land, water, air, and climate. This, of course, relies on our vote. This is why we created the Climate Majority Project. 

 The Climate Majority Project is the easiest way to be a part of MN350.

When you become a member, you’ll receive emails twice a month highlighting opportunities to take action to shape legislative policy. In this way, we can ensure that lawmakers assign priority to Minnesotans’ climate concerns. This will lead to like-minded politicians who reflect Minnesota and protect our climate for future generations. 

One of the main actions the Climate Majority Project stresses is our power to vote. The 2020 elections are coming up, and this year has shown us just how important this election is for our progress as a nation and as a state. Participating in this election is crucial for the health and safety of our communities as well as seeking justice for those affected most by the climate crisis.

The Climate Majority Project was launched in 2017 with 100 members and has grown to more than 1,000 today. More and more Minnesotans are joining the climate justice movement, speaking out to their legislators and politicians about climate issues in MN. These numbers will keep growing with your help. Join the Climate Majority Project today to put pressure on Minnesotan legislators to move toward a just and equitable clean energy future. 

Your voice will make a difference.

Join the Climate Majority Project

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