Minnesota wants clean cars

Putting electric vehicles on Minnesota’s roads

Of the more than 40 kinds of electric vehicles available in the United States, Minnesota dealers carry fewer than half of them. That could all change as the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency proposes that we adopt Clean Car Standards, which will obligate manufacturers selling cars in the state to offer more and different models of electric cars.

The Clean Car Standards don’t require anyone to buy an electric or hybrid vehicle. They simply give us more choices and provide more benefits, particularly with fully electric vehicles:

  • Measurable reduction in climate-changing greenhouse gases
  • Lower costs due to powering by electricity rather than fluctuating-priced gas
  • Lower maintenance bills without the complexities of an internal combustion engine
  • Immediately cleaner air for all due to zero emissions

There have been three major defeats for high-profile oil and gas projects in 2020 — the Atlantic Coast, Keystone XL, and Dakota Access pipelines. We are witnessing the beginning of the end of new pipeline construction. This is the time for Minnesota to be a leader in the electric and hybrid vehicle market — the first state in the Midwest to adopt Clean Car Standards. 

What you can do

The Pollution Control Agency will release a draft of the Clean Car Standards for Minnesota in late summer or early fall. We want to flood the agency with supportive responses, and we need your help. ADD YOUR NAME NOW to let us know you’re with us and to commit to submitting a comment when the draft rules are released. We’ll send updates and help with talking points.