Ann Mozey for MN House District 39A

Ann is a family law attorney who has represented people throughout Minnesota for 21 years. She has volunteered with Tubman and Washington County as well as serving on the Citizen Review Board overseeing Washington County’s Child Protection, Foster Care program and many other services.



Mozey, herself a hobby farmer, is a strong environmental advocate. Seeing the lack of national leadership, she urges Minnesota to be a leader in the fight against climate change, noting that it is only recently that caring for our planet has become a partisan issue.



Investment in schools and local communities is an additional focus of Mozey’s campaign. She as said that the GDP is a poor measure for the quality of life being offered to Americans and would like to see investments that focus on reviving Main street, supporting family farms, expanding internet access, and ensuring the well-being of our children.



Ann Mozey on a just transition to clean energy:

“Putting a K-12 Climate Change curriculum in the public schools and in higher education is a no-brainer that would get us all talking about these important issues within one or two years, time is of the essence. Weatherization and efficiency issues should be addressed immediately, cost-free and in homes that have the greatest need first.  I like community solar as a solution because it means that people can buy into an existing infrastructure for less, education and support to do so is essential, and tapping into the existing grid to speed it up should be allowed without restraint, a desired blend of private and public funds.  Addressing the needs in rural and northern Minnesota is also very important, including internet access. This all should be done yesterday.  Economic incentives to create green jobs in rural and northern Minnesota would make these changes sustainable because we would create the political will. ”