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A new tar sands pipeline is wrong for MN

Our goal is to stop Enbridge Energy from constructing a new tar sands oil pipeline across northern Minnesota. Through the Stop Line 3 Campaign, our pipeline resistance team supports, organizes, and mobilizes Minnesotans in opposition of Enbridge Energy’s pipeline.


Enbridge Energy has proposed plans for the construction of a tar sands oil pipeline. The proposed route reaches from Canada’s tar sands region through northern Minnesota to Superior, Wisconsin. This route would cut across sacred Indegenous land, violating treaties, and 192 bodies of water including the Mississippi River, twice, threatening clean water supplies.Tar sands crude oil is a carbon-intensive oil which carries up to 37% more carbon than conventional oil making it far more potent and volatile.


The urgency of climate change motivates the Pipeline Resistance Team to build a movement in an effort to stop the construction of new crude oil pipelines proposed for Minnesota. The team engages at hearings, organizes marches and events, creates resistance artwork, uses peaceful and civil disobedience, and builds powerful coalitions. The PRT is organized into four working teams, media and communications, action, base building, and targeting elected officials/state agencies. All are welcome to join.



Join thousands of Minnesotans in choosing people over pipelines. Show up for a just and healthy future by signing the Pledge of Resistance.

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