This Moment.

To say there’s a lot going on this year is an understatement.

While the COVID-19, racial injustice and climate crises have brought us heartbreak and uncertainty, this moment also offers us a unique opportunity. Amidst the devastation, we are able to see that the system we’re living in does not work. It does not support us when we’re knocked down. It does not keep us safe. We can see that the current rules encourage those with power to value their own profit over the health and wellbeing of our communities. We know we need to join together to get through these crises, and that we have the tools to build a new world.

Many of the solutions to the COVID, racial injustice, and climate crises are, in fact, the same. A world in which the health of our communities comes first would include more affordable, energy-efficient housing, fair-paying jobs for everyone, access to education and healthcare, more green spaces, accessible public transit, and more. In order to do this, we need representatives committed to investing in our communities. This upcoming election we have the chance to elect representatives who share our values.This is the first step in coming together and moving toward the world our children deserve to live in. We are reaching out to friends and neighbors, and inviting them to fight for a future with dignity. We have seen how quickly things can change when we raise our voices together. Let’s work to recover and rebuild from this moment of crisis with a cleaner, more fair and more resilient Minnesota.